Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking foot - where have you been all my sewing life?

I recently acquired a walking foot  for my Kenmore sewing machine.  I have been sewing bibs and burp cloths for a year and a half with my plain foot and the results have been good but not great.  I had tried sewing blankets with minky or satin backs and had given up on them because they grew when I sewed them.  I had a lot of trouble with the tension on my machine and the thread pulling sometimes, it was getting pretty frustrating.  A quilter friend asked if I had tried a walking foot, I had heard of it but never tried it – thinking it wasn’t for me since I have never quilted.  Wow was I wrong!  The walking foot worked terrific – my sewing stitches are much more even and the tension problems I have been having are gone.  Sewing is much smoother, stitching through heavy chenille and cotton and the multiple layers of my changing pads and diaper clutches is super easy now.  Not only is the sewing smoother, the layers don’t creep and get out of square!  I would highly recommend getting one! If you are stitching through several layers of fabric, chenille, terry cloth, or minky – don’t wait – get a walking foot it will make your sewing life so much easier!  I wish I hadn't waited so long!