Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year - New Me

Morning!  I am new to blogging but not new to the world of crafting.  I have resolved this new year to make a new me!  I have been creating since I was little and my grandmother taught me to sew and crochet and my Aunt taught me to paint.  Sewing has stayed with me, the crochet not so much I made one trivet and decided it was not for me, I still paint but not so much anymore.  I had a craft business about 10 years ago but closed it when I had my daughter.  I was a studio potter/sculpture and taking her into the studio was not an option, I sold most of my equipment to get us through some hard times.  I was still sewing and making items for my family and friends, I love making things for kids.  Two years ago when my very supportive husband lost his job, right after having our second child, I decided sewing was a way to help support our family even more.  I started 2 sprouts and it has been wonderful trip, hard, but fun.  I have run into many things that I hadn't from before, there is a whole new world of online advertising, selling, blogging, enough to make my head swim!  So this will be my trials and tribulations of navigating this world and sewing one delightful thing at a time. 

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