Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stop and smell the roses Sunday

Sometimes I forget to stop and take the time to smell the roses. I am normally going 50 different directions and someone always needs something. Even though I spend much of "my" time late night, my favorite time in the day has always been early morning before everyone else is up. I love sitting on my patio with my coffee and reading or working on new ideas.
Today I sat down and read Signatures Styles by Jenny Doh - it has AMAZING photos and highlights 20 stitchers and what makes them unique. I enjoyed reading and seeing how others find inspiration and organize their spaces.

Sunday is also time to spend with the sprouts and after a ton of rain all week, we had sun, it was an outside day! Today we painted with water.

Items needed - a bucket, paint brush (we use the foam craft brushes), driveway (or sidewalk) and a lot of imagination!

Best of all you can paint over and over - the sprouts LOVED it!

I really did take some time to smell roses (silk ones) - In a former craft life I made silk floral arrangements - today I revisited that life and worked on wedding flowers for a good friends daughter.

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